What is Accelerate?

Our Accelerate Loan is designed for members borrowing new cars, secondhand cars and vans.

With a credit union loan, the member simply borrows the money to pay for the car, which they own immediately.

They can also sell the car at any time they wish, should they need to, whereas they do not have this option with a PCP.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is a new e-car loan at an amazing 3.99% APR.

Recharge is available for Hybrid or Electric cars only. New or Second-Hand.

If your car goes along with a cough and a puff and you’ve finally cried out for the environment that “enough is enough” then ask the credit union for a green car loan where you can enquire online from the comfort of home.

On a mission to reduce your emissions or just wanting to ditch the diesel for something greener? With reduced environmental impacts, lowering your carbon footprint and reduced running costs many people are opting for Electric or Hybrid Cars.

Calculate Your Loan Repayments



Accelerate Loan - Less than €25K - 6.97% (7.20% APR)

Accelerate Loan - Greater than €25K - 6.5% (6.69% APR)

Recharge Loan 3.92% (3.99% APR)









Weekly Repayment €
Total Interest €
Total Cost €


Monthly Repayment €
Total Interest €
Total Cost €

Please Note

All figures given on this web site are for your general information only, and give a rough guide to loan repayments. Any statements on this web site do not purport to be authorative or legally binding. Ballinasloe Credit Union accepts no responsibility for errors due to changes in rates or offers which have occurred after this date. You are advised to check with our offices for up-to-date rates and offers.

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All Loans are subject to approval.

If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.