Your Credit Union Car Loan

Whether you are dreaming of your first car or thinking about upgrading to a newer model, we can help get you on the road without delay.

With a Ballinasloe Credit Union Car Loan, you own the car from the outset, unlike other forms of car finance like Personal Contract Plans (PCP) or Hire Purchase.

At Ballinasloe Credit Union, we have two options for car loans: Accelerate and Recharge.


For New Cars, Secondhand Cars or Vans

Our Accelerate Car Loan is designed for members borrowing for new cars, secondhand cars and vans.

With our Accelerate Car Loan, our members borrow the funds to purchase the vehicle and own it immediately.

In addition, a Credit Union car loan allows you to sell the car whenever you wish, unlike a PCP.

Accelerate Loan Features

Loans Less than €25K
6.97% Interest Rate
7.20% Annual Percentage Rate

Loans Greater than €25K
6.5% Interest Rate
6.69% Annual Percentage Rate


For Electric or Hybrid Cars

Are you thinking of going green? Our Recharge Car Loan can help you reduce your emissions and ditch the diesel for something greener.

Nowadays, many people have been opting for Electric or Hybrid Cars to reduce environmental impacts and running costs, and if you are thinking of joining them, our Recharge Car Loan may just be for you.

So, whether you are looking for a new or second-hand car, ask for our Credit Union green car loan, Recharge.

Recharge Loan Features

3.92% Interest Rate
3.99% Annual Percentage Rate
Free charging is also available.