At Ballinasloe Credit Union, we are committed to helping members who find themselves in Home Loan arrears or who fear that they may fall into arrears. We have a process in place in line with the Central Bank of Ireland’s Mortgage Arrears Resolution process. Should you find yourself in arrears or think you may fall into arrears, please do not hesitate to contact the arrears support team on 090 96 43179.

You can also email including Mortgage Loan arrears in the subject title.

Useful Websites

  • MABS (Money Advice & Budgeting Service) contains information on Home Loan Arrears:

  • The Insolvency Service of Ireland provides information to borrowers on the process under the Personal Insolvency Act, 2012:

Documents which will help you in your application

  • The MARP (Mortgage Arrears Resolution Booklet). This outlines the process for members who may find themselves in repayment difficulty;
  • The SFS (Standard Financial Statement). This form will give us a full picture of your current household income and expenditure;
  • Guide to completing the SFS. This guide will help you when completing the SFS and explain what figures are needed in each section of the form;
  • Central Bank of Ireland’s guide to completing the SFS. This guide has been published by the Central Bank of Ireland and should be used in conjunction with the Ballinasloe Credit Union guide when completing your Standard Financial Statement.

The most important thing should you find yourself in Mortgage Loan arrears or fear you may fall into arrears, is to contact us immediately so we can work together to find a suitable arrangement.


If you don’t or can’t repay your loan per the original loan agreement this will affect your credit rating. From the 30th June 2017 we are required to submit information on our loans to the Central Credit Register, owned and operated by the Central Bank of Ireland (see section on the Central Credit Register). Arrears on your loan will affect your future ability to access credit with the credit union and all other financial institutions.

The credit union recommends that you make contact with us at the earliest possible stage to advise us of any changes in your circumstances or any temporary difficulties you might be experiencing. The credit union is flexible and is willing to work with you to help you through a difficult period. It is very important that you make contact with us to discuss your options and to keep us informed.

Our preference is to work closely with members in difficulty to resolve arrears. Where the credit union cannot make contact with a member whose loan is in arrears or where the member will not work with us to resolve the issue the credit union will use our resources to recover the funds lent.

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